Opera Music


Opera is a drama where the singer sings instead of speaking and expresses his/her self in a musical way. The mood of such music is generally comic or tragic. Opera can be outlined as a drama or dramatic part of activity executed altogether with music. Music is the core of a classical opera.?It is a natural medium for expressing spirits, moods and feelings. As a result, classical operas tend to be very dramatic. Traditionally, music was the most important element of opera. In contemporaneous opera, features like acting, staging and costumes have also become vital features. An opera tells a story. This story can be categorized in many styles including current affairs, mythology, verse, fables, literature, fairy tales, magic, bible and history and many combinations of the above. Generally it is done through singing but it may be a bundle of many arts orchestral music, acting, dancing, mimicry, designs of scenic, lighting , costumes, make over soon make up design. Opera has been with us since the late 1500s. However, opera can be called a relative of classical theatre. When renaissance authors and musicians attempted to invoke the forms of Grecian drama, music was also made a part of it. This act eventually contributed the Overthrow of grand opera.